Reaching your goals

Hello and welcome to the Orbis Health and Fitness website! Getting to this point has taken a huge amount of effort in time, planning and taking the leap into being self-employed. The building from ‘nothing’ would have been a great deal more challenging if it hadn’t been for the support from those around me. The whole process has been very much like the decision some of you might be making about developing your health and fitness.

My personal journey has been one with successes and failures of varying size and magnitude. I have experienced the highs of winning cup and leagues with Rugby teams and completing my first Tough Mudder, with the low of struggling with depression and the effect it has had on me and those close to me.

Whatever the goal it can be all too easy to put things off.  Looking back at all those things I have done (and forwards to those yet to come), the hardest part is getting started. It may be confidence, motivation or trying to find an answer to a question that holds us back. Whatever it maybe, be sure that there is someone willing to help you make the change. The energy of yourself and others can be the difference between driving forward and sitting still.

If you are looking to #changeyourdirection, get in touch and have a chat about how Orbis can help you achieve your fitness goals.