Tuesday 1.30pm    Knee-habilitation     Chipping Norton Physio studio
Tuesday 2.30pm    Knee-habilitation     Chipping Norton Physio studio
Tuesday 6.30pm     
'HIIT'             Christopher Rawlins School Hall
Friday 1.30pm       Knee-habilitation       Chipping Norton Physio studio
Friday 2.30pm       Knee Fitness          Chipping Norton Physio studio

HIIT - A high intensity interval training session which uses bodyweight, kettlebell and awkward objects to develop stamina, strength and recovery. The short bursts of activity will  promote fat burn, promote change in body shape and give you the feel good feeling. Based in Christopher Rawlins school hall it is an hour that will leave you wanting more!

Knee-habilitation - Are you recovering from a specific knee injury or operation? A low impact programme with focus on education, self management, mobility and strength.

Knee Fitness - If you are having lower limb (knee and hip) issues then this class will help you develop strength and confidence.

Family Fit - A great start to the weekend for those aged 5 and up, using bodyweight activities and team work to change your direction together. The support of others is a great motivational tool and Family Fit is a great way to exercise together and have fun in a non-competitive situation.

Corporate class - A superb way for the boss to support physical and mental well being of the staff. Working as a body weight/circuit style class which fits into the working day avoiding the excuse of sitting on the sofa!