Tuesday 1.30pm    Knee Fit         Chipping Norton Physio studio
Tuesday 2.30pm    Men's Pilates             Chipping Norton Physio studio
Wednesday 6.15pm    HIIT Circuit            Christopher Rawlins School Hall
Friday 9.30am     Men's Pilates                    Woodstock Townhall
Friday 1.30pm       Men's Pilates          Chipping Norton Physio studio
Friday 2.30pm       Knee Fit            Chipping Norton Physio studio

Men's Pilates - Pilates is taught in line with the APPI method, combining theory and practical knowledge and how this can be applied in everyday experiences. Individuals can be challenged with varied levels of exercises that develop core strengthening.

HIIT Circuit - A full body workout in less than 20 minutes? HIIT circuit is based on Tabata training working pairs of exercises to give a physical challenge that promotes cardiovascular fitness, strength and power. The cool down allows for deep stretching and a bit of education.

Knee Fitness - Are you recovering from a specific knee injury or operation? Are you having lower limb (knee and hip) issues? Then this class will help you develop strength, confidence and self management.

Kid Fit - A club run in conjunction with local primary schools to help keep kids active and having fun. We play games and educate on how exercise and activity can help our bodies. Please contact if your school is interested in these sessions.

Corporate class - A superb way for the boss to support physical and mental well being of the staff. Working as a body weight/circuit style class which fits into the working day avoiding the excuse of sitting on the sofa!