Having met Matt through youth sports commitments locally, he made me aware that he offered a personal training service. After which I realised that work and family  commitments meant I needed to get back into a regular exercise regime. Matt has given me the confidence to get back into exercise, giving me a more energetic view on my life, whilst remaining interested in what I want and have to say. I now continue to train with Matt twice a week and find his training techniques intuitive and beneficial to my professional and personal life.

Joff Tibbetts

Matt is a fantastic personal trainer. He is patient and understands that everyone's fitness levels are different. Matt helped me prepare for a Half Mudder (Tough Mudder). This was a huge personal challenge for me and Matt helped me achieve my goal by completing the whole course.
Sarah Wickham
I have been working with Matt for over 10 weeks now, losing over 2 stone in this time. As well as our weekly 1 to 1 sessions Matt has helped me look at my lifestyle differently, making small adjustments which amount to change. Early on we talked about my goals and aims which, thanks to Matts help, I'm already starting to achieve. I'm so pleased with the progress I have started my 2 children with Matt to help them with their rugby. I can't speak highly enough of Matts friendly, professional and personal service. I would recommend him to anyone with a drive to help themselves.
Owen Perkins
After three decades of minor arthritic knee problems I suffered an injury in 2017 which serious compromised my mobility and whilst nine months of physiotherapy made a significance difference I found that I had reached a plateau and further improvement seemed elusive. I was not prepared to accept that I could not get better and started "kneehab" classes with Matt in June. After six weeks I felt stronger and more mobile, but most importantly, I felt I had built my confidence and instead of feeling "I can't do that anymore" I started to think "it might be a bit uncomfortable, but i'll give it a try". The more I do physically the more I do find I am able to do and I look forward to classes starting again soon. Onwards and upwards.
We have really enjoyed a summer of weekly Family Fit sessions with Matt. The family consists of a shy 4 year old girl, an easily distracted 6 year old boy, a creaky, unfit but enthusiastic Mummy and a fit /driven Daddy. Every week Matt filled the hour with varied and fun activities but these have all most definitely worked the muscles. My daughter has shown increased confidence, my son has shown better concentration and some improved coordination. I have planked improving from 40 seconds in the first week to 90 seconds in week 4. The sessions were tailored to include all of the family and stretch Daddy even further. 

Matt is supportive and kind and has a great sense of humour and rapport with the children. As someone who is self-conscious and doesn't like big exercise classes I felt very relaxed at every session with the informal family feel. I have enjoyed helping my son and daughter be involved and improve. It was a great experiencefor us all to be able to exercise together and we are hoping to continue to do further sessions in the future.